Blog: Experience John Brown and More

Abolitionist John Brown planned his raid on the Federal Arsonal at Harpers Ferry while staying at the Ritner Boarding House in Chambersburg.

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250th Anniversary of the Black Boys Rebellion of 1765 at historic Fort Loudoun, Pennsylvania

Come out and take advantage of this free weekend event commemorating this historic rebellion in the back-country of Pennsylvania.  Learn about the 18th century, the rebellion and the archaeological history of the fort and site covering 7,000 years.  This event will be very interactive and worthwhile for all ages.

250th Broadside

Blog: Burt J. Asper

The Chambersburg American Legion is named after Burt J. Asper, the first Chambersburg serviceman to give his life during WWI. He was a medical doctor and assistant surgeon on the USS Cyclops.  The ship disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle on March 4, 1918.






Blog: Nicholas Trist

Nicholas Browse Trist was a salesman for Carnegie Steel at the time of his death in 1926 but he is more known for his famous family ties.

His marriage to his wife Kathleen Watts attached him to a very prominent Franklin County family.  His father had been a diplomat for presidents Jackson and Grant.  However he is most recognized because his grandmother was the granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson, making Nicholas the great great grandson of the president.

Nicholas Trist is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetary, right off of Franklin Street in Chambersburg.  The beautiful cemetery was incorporated in 1855.




Career Magnet Students Produce Video

Mr. Foltz and his Career Magnet students at the John Brown House.  They produced a video, Is Violence the Answer? for Old Market Day.  A CD is available for educational use.




Blog: Fire Company Horse Shoe

This horse shoe was retrieved during the excavation of footers of the Hope Fire Co. around 1980 at the southeast corner of Franklin St. and Martin Ave. The Hope Fire Co., originally located at the northeastern corner of L.W.E. and Black Ave., was burned in 1864. In 1888 Chambersburg Council erected a new firehouse at the Franklin St. address. The “Rabbit Hunters” disbanded in 1903 and re-organized as the Franklin Fire Company. Story from Murray Kauffman.