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Some years ago, a sign stood on S. Second St. in Chambersburg,  just south of Garfield which stated:  20 feet west of this marker was a half-mile race rack on which Speedy Slim ran a record of 1 minute, 21 seconds.  Evidently Fairground Ave. was named for such a reason – that’s where the fairgrounds were in the 1870’s and horse racing was part of it .  The fair was held there through the 1880’s.

Henry Hershberger

Major Henry Hershberger, (1810-1884) from Chambersburg, became a riding master by appointment at West Point in the 1840’s and undoubtedly taught most of the generals of the Civil War.  He married  Sophia  Greenawalt, and lived the latter part of his life in Chambersburg.  He is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg, but without a marker.