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Is Violence the Answer?

Is Violence the Answer?

Is Violence the Answer?

The Boys of Summer are Back


Yogi Berra turned 90 on May 12th. In addition to playing and coaching for the Yankees, Berra served as a gunner’s mate on the USS Bayfield at Normandy on D-Day. He is known for his quips, like “It ain’t over till its over.” Currently, there is a petition to grant him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was a friend of Nellie Fox, and is part of our Baseball exhibit. Stop by to see it!

Downton Abbey – American Style

Downton Abbey Secretary“Downton Abbey – American Style” is an expression of that time period from the downing of the Titanic to the Roaring Twenties through storyboards that interpret the “men who made America”—the industrialists, the new technologies, the robber barons, and their importance. Look for the two connections to our area.

The exhibit is available Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tour booklets are available for $2. Also be sure to enjoy the wonderful art exhibition “Down the Garden Path” during the month of February.