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John Brown Hung Today

John Brown was executed by hanging for treason on this date in 1859. Before hearing his sentence, Brown was allowed make an address to the court. “. . . I believe to have interfered as I have done, . . . in behalf of His despised poor, was not wrong, but right. Now, if it be deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children, and with the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I submit: so let it be done.”

In Local News: November 18, 1863

From the Franklin Repository – announcement of Captain Eyster:

Eyster has issued a list of draft dodgers – 80 from Franklin County. There is a $30 reward for the apprehension and delivery of each man to Eyster.

October 10, 1862

On this day in history J.E.B Stuart raided Mercersburg and had lunch as an uninvited guest at the Steiger home. Mrs. Steiger served bread, butter and milk to Stuart and his officers before they departed for their goal of Chambersburg.