Library Holdings

Franklin County Historical Society has an extensive collection of library resources.


Bible Records
Church Histories
Church Records – marriages, deaths, baptisms
Courthouse tax records 1846 (in computer)
Family Files
Family Histories (Published/Non-published)
Marriage Records-Courthouse Records: 1852-55 and 1885-1886
PastPerfect Directory


State Archives:
Colonial Records Vol. 1-16
Archives 1st Series, Vol. 1-12
2nd Series, Vol. 1-19
3rd Series, Vol. 1-20 plus appendix
4th Series, Vol. 1-12
5th Series, Vol. 1-8
6th Series, Vol. 1-15
7th Series, Vol. 1-5
9th Series, Vol. 1-10

Atlas 1858-1868

Books on Franklin County

Books on local villages, towns, and areas

Card Files: tombstone inscriptions, marriages, obituaries

Cedar Grove Cemetery records and map

Census Records: 1790-1880

Computer contains: 1790-1920 census

Conococheague Settlement Vol. 1, 2, 7-9

Courthouse Letters of Administration: 1884-1886

Directories: Chambersburg – 1887; 1890; 1898; 1900; 1902; 1906; 1907-1909; 1911;
1914; 1918; 1925-1926; 1929-1930; 1936; 1942; 1947; 1959. (others in storage)
Greencastle: 1913
Waynesboro: 1951; 1960
Hagerstown: 1958

Early Survey Dockets -1700s

Fendrick Papers

First Families of Old Cumberland County with maps, tracts, and documents

Franklin County Naturalization Records

Franklin County School Children Relief Records 1933-1934

Franklin County Veterans Grave Records: American Revolution to Vietnam

Franklin Repository: 1802-1804; 1815-1834; 1785-1797

Funeral Home Records: Mont Alto 1910-1935; Greencastle 1853-1884 and
1935-1997; Mercersburg 1910-1980; Waynesboro (Grove) 1905-1963 and 1996-2010
(Poe) 1943-1992; Chambersburg (Sellers) 1885-1942, 1866-1933 (Colored)
(Kraiss) 1935-1940

Kittochtinny Papers: First Year 1898, First Magazine 1905, Vol. 1-28

Land Warrants – 1737-1830s

Lincoln Cemetery records

Maps of early land holdings in Cumberland Valley

Newsletter inserts of marriages and deaths from 1800s (currently adding to computer)

Norland Cemetery records 1990s

Obituary and Cemetery records

Palmer Papers

Sanborn Maps (in Archives)

School Annuals 1913-1958

Tax Records: 1750-1753; 1762-1764; 1750-1760-1770; 1768-1770; 1796-1799;
1843 (Cell Records); 1846 County Tax Records; 1856 and 1871 – Letterkenny Township; 1886

Voter Registrations Lists: 1970s; 1981-Chambersburg and Franklin County 1954, 1968

Unemployment Relief Records, Franklin Farms Almshouse 1932

Veterans Records in card files


Church Files
First Families
Information on all wars, particularly the Civil War
Mumper Photo Studio – negative collection
School Yearbooks
Vertical Files – contain subject matter


Brethren & Mennonite Records
Early PA History – forts, immigration, land records
Flat Files – contain deeds and large documents
Histories on other counties in PA and other states
Maryland Records
Microfilm Records: Census 1790-1930; Newspapers from the 1800s, Marriage Licenses 1885- Various Tax Records 1794-1840s, Civil War Damage


Contains original newspapers from 1790s


Contains dockets, books, record boxes on subjects and families before 1950
Multi List Estate Photos Collection
Ordinances, Bids and Resolutions of Chambersburg Borough 1872-1926