Library Holdings

Franklin County Historical Society has an extensive collection of library resources.


Family Files
Published/Non-published family histories (Both in computer (Past Perfect software system)
and cross-referenced
Church Records – marriages, deaths, baptisms
Bible Records
Marriage Records-Courthouse Records – 1852-55 and 1885-1886
Veterans Records in card files
1846 Courthouse tax records in computer


State Archives:
Colonial Records Vol 1-16
Archives 1st Series, Vol. 1-12
2nd Series, Vol. 1-19
3rd Series, Vol. 1-20 plus appendix
4th Series, Vol. 1-12
5th Series, Vol. 1-8
6th Series, Vol. 1-15
7th Series, Vol. 1-5
9th Series, Vol. 1-10
School Annuals 1913-1958
Tax Records: 1750-1753; 1762-1764; 1750-1760-1770; 1768-1770; 1796-1799;
1843 (Cell Records); 1856 and 1871 – Letterkenny Township; 1886
Voter Registrations Lists: 1970s; 1981-Chambersburg and Franklin County 1954, 1968
Census Records: 1790-1880
Kittochtinny Papers: First Year 1898, First Magazine 1905, Vol 1-23
Conococheague Settlement Vol. 1, 2, 7-9
Directories: Chambersburg – 1887; 1890; 1898; 1900; 1902; 1906; 1907-1909; 1911;
1914; 1918; 1925-1926; 1929-1930; 1936; 1942; 1947; 1959. (others in storage)
Greencastle: 1913
Waynesboro: 1951; 1960
Hagerstown: 1958
Franklin Repository: 1802-1804; 1815-1834; 1785-1797
Courthouse Letters of Administration: 1884-1886
Newsletter inserts of marriages and deaths from 1800s (currently adding to computer)
Computer contains: 1790-1920 census
Cedar Grove Cemetery records
Norland Cemetery records 1990s
Maps of early land holdings in Cumberland Valley
Atlas 1858-1868
Sanborn Maps (in Archives)
Card Files: tombstone inscriptions, marriages, obituaries
Palmer Papers
Funeral Home Records: Mont Alto 1910-1935; Greencastle 1853-1884 and
1935-1997; Mercersburg 1910-1980; Waynesboro (Grove) 1905-1963 and 1996-2010
(Poe) 1943-1992; Chambersburg (Sellers) 1885-1942, 1866-1933 (Colored)
(Kraiss) 1935-1940
Franklin County Veterans Grave Records: American Revolution to Vietnam
Franklin County Naturalization Records
Books on local villages, towns, and areas
Books on Franklin County
Obituary and Cemetery records
Early Survey Dockets -1700s
Land Warrants – 1737-1830s
Ordinances, Bids and Resolutions of Chambersburg Borough 1872-1926
Unemployment Relief Records, Franklin Farms Almshouse 1932



Vertical Files – contain subject matter
Information on all wars, particularly the Civil War
First Families
Church Files
Mumper Photo Studio – negative collection



Histories on other counties in PA and other states
Early PA History – forts, etc.
School Yearbooks
Brethren & Mennonite Records
Maryland Records
Flat Files – contain deeds and large documents
Microfilm Records: Census 1790-1930; Newspapers from the 1800s, Marriage Licenses 1885- Various Tax Records 1794-1840s, Civil War Damage Claims


Contains original newspapers from 1790s


Contains dockets, books, record boxes on subjects and families before 1950